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About Us

Choirs of all sizes have found CCT to provide the very FINEST QUALITY RECORDING at a very AFFORDABLE PRICE. Hundreds of churches have embraced this ministry as a dynamic OUTREACH TOOL to reach the local community, specific neighborhoods, visitors to the church and even military personnel and missionaries stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. 

Because of these awesome outreach experiences and the opportunity to minister "beyond the four walls of the church," over 75% of our clients have recorded with us on numerous occasions. Most churches actually MAKE A PROFIT on the recordings to use toward mission trips, new choir robes, new musical instruments, etc.

CCT is the proven leader in church choir custom recordings and provides a "TURN-KEY" experience, handling ALL the details for the Minister of Music. Our "MIX AND MATCH" program allows you to select songs from your favorite choral collections and octavos to customize your choir's recording! 

In a word, CCT Music provides the FINEST in custom church choir recordings! 



Phil Barfoot

CEO / President

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