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"I've worked with Phil and CCT on four projects now and have been extremely pleased with each one! The production is superb and the price is right!"

Trent Blackley, First Baptist Church, Rockwall, TX

"Your experience with Phil and CCT will bring total glory to the Lord Jesus and it will be accomplished with integrity and professionalism!"

Rick Stone, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL

"CCT always delivers a high quality product that is second to none! If you're looking to get a FIRST-CLASS RECORDING AT A REASONABLE COST, Phil's your guy!"

Ron Cochran, formerly of Portland Christian Center, Portland, OR

"What an incredible experience! Both recordings we have done with Phil and CCT were OVER-THE-TOP-EXPERIENCES!"

Dr. Todd Stearns, First Baptist Church, Naples, FL

"Phil and the great folks at CCT are incredible! They tailored each aspect of the project to meet our needs and we are THRILLED WITH THE RESULTS!"

John Jones, formerly of First Baptist Church, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Having recorded 3 CD projects with CCT, I can honestly say that these projects have been a total benefit to my choir's ministry! The music is exceptional, the CDs are a great fund-raiser, and my choir family bonds closer together with every project. Recording is so worth the effort and CCT makes your life stress-free!"

Tom Hartley, formerly of Desert Springs Church, Palm Desert, CA

"It was a great experience! Our choir was very pleased and felt important. The congregation LOVED THE RESULTS!"

Dr. Paul Plew, The Master's College, Valencia, CA

"Recording with CCT has been one of the most rewarding experiences for the Worship Ministry of First Baptist Church of The Woodlands! It is amazing how community is built among the choir members through the process of recording. Phil really understands the producing side of the recording business and makes the process really easy and enjoyable!"

Don Barrick, First Baptist Church, The Woodlands, TX

"We had a fantastic experience recording our CD. Not only did our choir and congregation love the music, but the recording process was a ton of fun! Our choir is already asking when we're going to record with CCT again!"

Dan Odle, formerly of Hunter Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, AL

"We have recorded 4 projects with Phil Barfoot and all have been huge successes. The quality was excellent and I had input into the mix itself. The music has been shared in many countries via the military and in worship services on the mission field. Phil is a partner that we greatly value in growing God's Kingdom!

Roger McGee, First Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA

"Phil Barfoot and Daewoo Kim do a fantastic job, and our choir has enjoyed three projects with this team.  If you are considering a recording with your choir, I highly recommend CCT.  They are so easy to work with, the recording process is fun, and the product is extremely high quality!"

Mike Parks, Green Acres Baptist Church, Tyler, TX

"Recording with CCT Music is an incredible experience you do not want to miss! It was an uplifting experience for our choir in worship and fellowship together, an encouragement to our church to share in the ministry of the songs, and an incredible outreach as the music has literally gone around the world. The songs we recorded have become part of the life of our church in worshipping our Lord. We can hardly wait until our next recording!"

Jason Henson, Immanuel Baptist Church, Shawnee, OK

"Recording with Phil and the team at CCT Music is an experience that you don't want to miss! Preparing the music and digging in for the recording just makes your choir better! And you won't believe the finished product! We sent over $9,000 from one project overseas to 3 IMB missionary families connected to our church. Talk about a blessing! Don't put it off any longer! Your church will be blessed and your choir will love it! 

James Bradford, Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK

"If you are thinking 'My choir could never record a CD', then you need to meet Phil Barfoot and the folks at CCT Music. Our worship choir has recorded four worship projects with CCT Music and I would commend them to any local church that desires to expand its gospel influence by taking the music of their church ourside the walls of their church through a recording project. Phil is great to work with from the beginning of the project all the way through the delivery of the CDs into your hands. He will be a lifelong friend. CCT's engineers are outstanding professionals who, in just two days, always find a place in the hearts of our choir members. The choir has so much fun recording, and the project becomes a vehicle for building great community within your worship ministry."

David Hasker, First Baptist Church, Melbourne, FL

"There's probably not a better recommendation I can give you in regards to making a recording with Phil Barfoot than to tell you that I have made eleven different recordings with him over the years. The whole project was turnkey from start to finish. Phil sweats all the small stuff. He is an awesome producer who knows how to get the very best out of your choir and keeps them laughing the whole way. The two days we spent recording was like a fantastic, fun choir retreat. Making a recording builds fellowship and morale, improves the musicianship of your choir and expands your choir's ministry beyond the four walls of the sanctuary. I put up a map of the world in our choir room and put a pushpin in every location where I know our choir CD had traveled. Our choir's ministry literally spanned the globe and touched every continent - including Antarctica! If you really want the best professional quality finished product with the least amount of headache and hassle, then you really must do a recording with Phil Barfoot!"

Dr. Gary Mathena, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
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