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Q: What are the benefits of recording with CCT?

A: There are many. Here are a few. 

1. It provides a GREAT OUTREACH TOOL for your choir and church. 


3. We offer the BEST SELECTION AND FINEST TRAX in the industry, allowing you to "MIX AND MATCH" your favorite songs. 

4. We handle ALL THE DETAILS for you. All you have to do is teach the choir the music and conduct the choir in the recording session. WE DO THE REST! 

Q: What if I don't have the money budgeted for a recording?

A: Phil Barfoot personally works with each church to make it happen. We have some very effective ways of helping you fund the project while effectively reaching out to your community. These ideas help you cover the recording cost and in most cases, make a profit for your Music Ministry. 

Q: What do most churches do with the profit they make?

A: Many choirs use the proceeds for mission trips, new choir robes, a new keyboard or instruments, to make a donation to a worthy cause or apply money to the Music Ministry budget or general fund of the church. 

Q: How does the recording process work?

A: We fly from Nashville to your church and record your choir and soloists in the Worship Center or choir room on a Monday and Tuesday evening or Thrusday and Friday evening, recording the solos during the day on the 2nd day. We then return to Nashville, mix and master the project and ship the product back to you within 4 weeks. 

Q: Who does each Minister of Music work with in planning and preparing for the recording?

A: Phil and his staff personally work with each Minister of Music and handle all the details. Someone must "sweat the details" and since relationships and customer service are our top priority, we don't delegate. We work directly with each Minister of Music to simplify their involvement and make the process easy and "pain-free" for them. We are blessed to have on our team some of the very finest engineers and producers in Nashville whose #1 priority is to produce a superior recording and make the experience a lot of fun for the choir. At this point, over 75% of the recordings we do are repeat churches who have recorded with us before. 

Q: Can churches do their own recording with their own personnel?

A: Yes, we offer this type of experience as well. Packages range from simply leasing the trax and doing your own recording and duplication to a "turn-key" package that includes all recording and production costs, artwork, manufacturing, shipping, etc.

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