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NEW FOR 2020!! 

We now have 37 Bradley Knight, Cliff Duren, Dave Williamson and Lari Goss projects available to record: 


2019-2020 Octavos

2018 - 2019 Octavos

2017-2018 Octavos

2016-2017 Octavos

The Platinum Collection

2015-2016 Octavos

2014-2015 Octavos 

2013-2014 Octavos 

2012-2013 Octavos 

Hymns Alive

Join To Sing

Speak Your Name

That's My King! 

Joy in the House

You Are God Alone 

House of Praise

High Praises (Dove Award Winner for Choral Collection of the Year) 

Rise Up and Praise Him

The Anchor Holds



The Carols of Christmas

The Worship of Christmas

The Story of Christmas

The Journey of Christmas 

The Heart of Christmas

The Song of Christmas

The Light of Christmas

The Hope of Christmas

The Gift of Christmas

The Promise of Christmas

The Wonder of Christmas

The Splendor of Christmas

The Joy of Christmas

The Glory of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

Treasures of Christmas

Colors of Christmas

Portraits of Christmas

Also, we are very excited to announce that CCT Music now has access to the TOP NON-SEASONAL and CHRISTMAS CHORAL TRAX IN AMERICA featuring the BEST arrangements in the LifeWay catalog from Bradley Knight, Cliff Duren, Dave Williamson, Lari Goss, David T. Clydesdale, Camp Kirkland, David Hamilton, Mike Speck, Robert Sterling, Gary Rhodes, J. Daniel Smith and many more! You can "mix and match" from all of these projects to "tailor make" your own custom recording, selecting from the 140+ songs in these non-seasonal projects and 150+ songs in the Christmas projects. WE DO THE REST! 

This first-class custom recording will feature your choir and soloists on the entire recording at a fraction of the cost of recording on your own. We will provide the remote recording unit and a highly qualified producer/engineer that will come to your church to record, or you may record on your own. In addition to handling all the recording logistics, we will also provide artwork, graphics, custom credits, liner notes, manufcaturing and shipping of the CD's to your church. All you need to do is prepare the choir for the recording. 

- Your recording dates are totally up to you.

- Product will be delivered to your church within 4-5 weeks of your recording date. 


1,000 CD's 

All costs relating to the recording INCLUDING a remote recording unit and highly qualified producer/engineer that would come to your church and record your choir on a Monday and Tuesday night or Thursday and Friday night


All production costs, including album mixing and mastering


All artwork, graphics, custom credits and liner notes 

All travel, hotel and meal expenses for the producer/engineer

All manufacturing, packaging and printing costs for the 1,000 CD's 

Shipping of all product to your church 

CCT is offering a $1,000 DISCOUNT this month! 

Contact Us for details


1,000 CD's

All costs relating to the recording 

Master Trax to record with 

All artwork, graphics, custom credits and liner notes

All manufacturing, packaging and printing costs for the 1,000 CD's 

Shipping of all product to your church

You Provide:

Recording location, equipment and engineer to record with your choir

Final mix and mastering of project

CCT is offering a $1,000 DISCOUNT this month! 

Contact Us for details

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